Friday, October 14, 2011

How I knew his name

I still remember the first day I met you.
I did not notice this person on our first meet with SET-UP. It's Alec who is my first friend, besides Danica who is a brehan. Alec is a bassist too.

I'm talking about Alec's friend.
2nd auditions. We all gave him a round of applause for doing great on drums. Imagine, he was able to play Trial and Error's compo, Relationsh-t on drums. He's really good unlike me, on bass, I did not go well playing Big Mouth.

As far as I could remember, we already talked to each other that day of audition. We asked for each other's names but I simply forgot it. Blame this short-term memory loss. Lol. Or I guess his name is not that usual so I wasn't able to remember it. But I know his face and his drumming skills :) Wala nga pala syang emosyon while drumming.

Once, I knew it was him who said "Hi!" to me, along the hallway in IB. I'm sure it was him. Honestly, I was flattered because he recognized me! Un nga lang, I really don't know his name yet.

How I knew his name. The story. Don't worry, it's a short story. Lol

SET-UP posted the 2nd audition passers. I was there! :) Oh by now, I don't know if I have thanked Stephen already for sending me links on youtube, he told me to study the bass tabs and so did I. I used what I know on bass during my first audition and so I was assigned on bass. Thank you, Stephen! :)

Anyway, so I was looking at the list of the drummers who passed. There were only three. I'm familiar with the two of them. Lord Charles who used to be my bandmate though we're not yet official members of the org, and Paul basilio. I just know him by name and face. The other one, it was him. I knew it! And I believe he's the other one who passed. Oh well Kim, good guess. ;)

After the second meeting with the org, our batch became tight and the two of us became closer friends :)

So, you are right. This is a random post. It's because I saw a random post on my tumblr dash

"I still remember the first day I met you."

Got it? :) G'night!

9:14pm 10/14/2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drum Lesson

I miss drum lessons. I'm not attending lessons anymore because I got busy. I'm learning to play drums not to impress people but for me to try a new instrument and really, I wanna learn. It's in my bucket list, to make a cover, me > drumming! So help me, God.

Just sharing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Having fun in Baguio

Tagal ko ng hindi nag-log in sa face book. I'm so excited on uploading pictures! And show my friends how am I doing here :) I'm so having fun. Lahat naman na ata tayo right? :)

Gonna share what happened on Consol night. This is the time freshmen get to see different organizations, fraternities, and sororities in UP baguio. What a great experience we had! Unforgettable and memorable!
Other events are yet to come. Acquaintance party and the most awaited Freshie Night!

Today was SET-UP's mass orientation but I wasn't able to come because I have to meet Ate Cris for follow-up. It's alright, mass orye was optional. Sayang lang free snacks. Lol
The bassist. I saw her and admired her after watching their band play on Consol night. I know her because of her bonnet :') I was taking stolen shots of her during their gig. Hmm :)

July 11. Math exam. 2nd anniversary namin ni Carl. Kaya dapat maperfect ang exam kasi inspired ;)
July 12. Psychology interpretation. Honestly, I'm a bit nervous. Malalaman ko na ang UPCAT grade ko. Ung roommate ko kahapon psych interpretation nya, ok na daw ung course nya at wag na lumipat. Nilagay ko sa psych test, I'm not satisfied with my course and I'll be shifting to Chem Eng in Diliman. Goodluck naman sa grade ko sa Math and Science nung UPCAT. Dun daw ma-be-base.
July 13. Set-up audition. Every Wednesdays and Sundays may drum lesson ako. Well nakakatuwa at isang great achievement ang makabuo ng isang kanta, playing drums! HAHAHA. Drums na lang para cool-er and hotter. LOLOLOL
July 15. HOME! <3

Ugh I gotta go. 'Til next time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a long time

..since I posted something here. If only viewers could read my drafts..

I miss personal blogging, ngayon nalang ulit, hindi dahil ngayon lang ulit na-inspire, kundi....
hehe there's no particular reason why am I doing this, for real.

I'm not okay, knowing that soon I'll be going to Baguio for college. Minutes ago, I asked my dad when will we be going. Very sooooon. But before travelling up to Baguio, we'll have a visit first at Ilocos.

Lately, I was imagining the things I'm going to do there besides studying. I mean, I thought about communication between me and my friends. There's less problem when it comes to family, because I can call my parents every night. I remember how my sister used to live in Baguio too, when she was still studying there. Facebook. Hm I can't tell because there is no internet connection in the dorm. Maybe I could just go to some areas which are wifi-zones like SM Baguio, and log in to social networks. The problem is, I can't stay outside when it's beyond 8 in the evening 'cause the dorm has a curfew applied to residents.

I wish I can survive Baguio and college life. I can do this.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

9th of April year 2011

Location: Club Manila East,
               Taytay, Rizal

So this is it. What has just happened on our "outing".

Preparation: Juris and I did not sleep. That showed how excited we were. No, I just can't sleep that midnight kasi kagigising ko lang din, nanuod ng "Stay Alive" but undone. I packed my things up around 4 in the morning. Kachat ko na si Trixie. Nagising na si bes so I decided not to sleep anymore. "Walang ligo ligo, tutal swimming naman un eh" -napagkasunduan namin ni Trixie. 

Exactly 5:30am, dude and trixie arrived at our house. Say bbye to mommy. Waited for Leghrand and Tita Jean to pick us up, headed to Carl's residence. Nakasakay na si Allen, then si Juris sinundo sa Congress Church. Mejo inasar pa namin sya dahil sa porma, parang pupuntang jamming:-) 

On our way to Heritage, nagpatuloy ang asaran. I told them the last time I was in/saw Carl's house, November 27, '09, his 15th birthday. Di naman kasi ako sumama sa mga practices noon, and I wasn't able to attend his bday last year, kaya ayun. Kanina ko nalang ulit nabisita. At daming changes. 

Noon.. Musmos pa. At sa second picture, ung kubo at ung garage nila. Sa daan palang sinabi nasakin nila na na-upgrade na daw ung kubo. HUH? Tapos kapitbahay na daw, wala na ung garahe. Di ko makuha until I saw the place, their new place. Totoo nga, nag-upgrade! From nipa hut to a three-story (Iguess) house. Pero under construction parin. LUPET. Pero buhay pa ung kubo, sa likod ng bahay:-) Hm, nakakatuwa.

Besides that, isa pa sa hindi naman ineexpect ay isang mini bus. Initial reaction: FIELDTRIP! So nagrent sila ng isang mini bus, patunay na buong angkan nila Carl ay pupunta:-) Nagrent nga ba, or sakanila talaga? Haha. Pero hindi kami dun sumakay. Sa isang sasakyan.. malamang, dun kaming one..two..eight alumni ng bene (naks), kasama na si ate Jane who is Carl's cousin. Then yung nagdrive, hinala ko ay tito ni Carl. I didn't ask for it eh, ain't sure. Before our departure, pinapasok muna kami sa loob to have breakfast. Wow, busog kagad. Kwento. Then larga.

Busog.. kwentuhan, inaantok. And then we realized we don't have a camera! Ayan, si Leghrand, he forgot to bring his under water cam. But then I remembered my laptop, I have it with me, nga lang, hindi sya pwede under water. DOHH, kim.

When we got there, we took some pictures of us, sa entrance palang. Naka-agaw pansin samin dun ay ung nakapaskil: Carlos Dizon, this way (and then arrow to the left) Tapos pila na to check our bags and get the tag. ANG HABA NG PILA. I thought tatlo lang ung vehicle na ginamit but no, madami pa palang nakasunod. Kamag-anak, friends, officemates, sons and daughters of the officemates, so on. Dun kami sa isang cottage, napakalaking cottage filled with many tables and monoblock chairs. We had our breakfast, Jollibee.:> Ang breakfast ay kakaiba. Not only our breakfast pala, even lunch and merienda. Lunch was Chowking. Merienda ummmm, Jollibee ulit:-) To get your food, you must give the "staff" your stub. I don't know how to call it, basta un. After that, we went swimming of course! Lap pool, beach waves, slide, diving on 14ft, hot shower, and so on. Picture taking. Kakanta pa nga sana eh.. Speaking of, ung tito ni Carl ay komedyante. Ay hinde, nung una, kala namin komedyante. He was singing this song, problemado ata ung title. Tapos may part na tatatawa... HA HA HA. All of us laughed together. Ha Ha Ha. The message of the song was this: Itawa mo nalang lahat ng iyong problema. Try listening to it, makakalimot ka:-))

Nawala antok ko dun. I had so much fun. I met his family. I enjoyed the whole place. Kahit na 7 lang kami na magkakasama sa swimming, (napakalaki ng CME para samin), masaya parin. And one was just added to the fun. Kathy Basco. Trixie saw her while we were having our breakfast. What a small world. Sinama na namin sya, good swimmer ha, trained :)

Isa pa sa nangyari dun ay about sa tsinelas. Bago kami tumungo sa 14ft pool, iniwan namin ung tsinelas namin kahit san lang. Haha. Tapos nung pabalik na kami sa room (it says there, "exclusively for Carlos Dizon, April 9, 2011), naghahanap na kami ng tsinelas. Tsinelas ni Carl. May nakita siya, kaso pagmamay-ari ng iba. So sabi nya hayaan na. But we kept on looking. Nakita namin ni Trixie, alam ko kasi Havaianas un eh. Tas nung sinuot na ni Carl, a guy called him, sakanya daw un. Wala naman kaming magawang iba, sige kanya na! Sabi ko hanap ulit. Ayaw ni Carl baka daw kasi makuha ung sa iba na naman. Pangatlo na. Hehe. Heto nga lang, nakita namin ung slippers sa door ng room. Wathe.. hindi naman pala nya nasuot. Tinutukoy nya ay ung unang punta namin sa area na un. EPIC............ FAIL..........

Pagod na kami.
Pagod na rin ako magtype.
Pagod ka na bang magbasa?

Uwian na. Sa sasakyan nalang kami kumain ng merienda. Busog na naman. Before that, we asked a security guard to take us our last picture. "Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal", not yet uploaded, on Juris' cam. Hindi rin pala ako nakabili ng t-shirt with CME printed on it, sayang, kami nalang din kasi ung hinihintay.

Thank you so much to the Dizon Family.
Wala po akong gastos. Libreng Kasiyahan. Hanggang sa bahay hinatid ako at sila :)
Thank you Allen, Juris, Kent, Leghrand, Trixie, Kathy, and most especially Carl, for everything we had today.
Sobrang enjoy. Keep your tags, un nalang remembrance aside from our pictures. Nakakapanghinayang parin ung t-shirt. Not yet moved on. Huhu.

Hangggang sa muli.....:) It's time to take a deeeeeeeep deeeeeeeep rest and sleep.
Thank you Lord for having this experienced. And for guiding us as we swim and go home. Thank goodness... saglit lang nalunod si Kent.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

World Youth Camp

I really wanna come to WYC!
This may be the second and last. I'm so desperate :(

Bat ganon? Pinayagan ako sa Ilocos, sa Pangasinan LANG hinde?
Sa mas malapit bawal. Ano kaya un. Whyyyy

Saklap naman. Bago man lang sana ako umakyat ng Baguio, maexperience ko un. Di naman ako sure sa Youth Camp sa May.. :'( Free time ko na nga ung 15 eh. I asked them to give reasons why not allowing me to come. Youth Camp.. It's about God. Safety? He won't let mus down. Wala namang mawawala. Money? Naiipon naman un eh. :'(

ALKSDFJALSKDFSDAKWOERF. I envy Herson, Dandy, CJ. I'm pretty sure mas iinggitin nila ako when they find out I'm not allowed to come. Tsssk. So sad, I think I'll burst into tears. I want something different. Eto na un eh. Isang "oo" lang, pwede na kong sumama! Isang bigayan lang ng pera, okay na eh. I really hope they'll let me go with my YFL family. :(  Kaso feeling ko maraming masasacrifice. First, out trip to Ilocos. Second, ung ano, baka di na ko ibili nun. :'( Third, ung ano. Uggh..

*While I was typing, I heard mom told dad about WYC.

D: Wag, Dagupan pa.
K: E bat sa Ilocos?
D: Sge, wag ka ng pumunta sa Ilocos kung sasama ka dun.
K: Sabe na eh.

Forget it, they can't understand me now :( Sasabihin pa ni mommy na atleast alam nila ung pupuntahan ko sa Ilocos. I was only asking for 3 days! THREE DAYS in Pangasinan! I know I'll be fine. Ohhh. How sad ;(

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Graduation Gift

I know I can't drive wheels until I am 17.

that I can bring anywhere, anytime even I don't have a license!

That's it! Thank you, daddy, in advance! :D