Friday, October 14, 2011

How I knew his name

I still remember the first day I met you.
I did not notice this person on our first meet with SET-UP. It's Alec who is my first friend, besides Danica who is a brehan. Alec is a bassist too.

I'm talking about Alec's friend.
2nd auditions. We all gave him a round of applause for doing great on drums. Imagine, he was able to play Trial and Error's compo, Relationsh-t on drums. He's really good unlike me, on bass, I did not go well playing Big Mouth.

As far as I could remember, we already talked to each other that day of audition. We asked for each other's names but I simply forgot it. Blame this short-term memory loss. Lol. Or I guess his name is not that usual so I wasn't able to remember it. But I know his face and his drumming skills :) Wala nga pala syang emosyon while drumming.

Once, I knew it was him who said "Hi!" to me, along the hallway in IB. I'm sure it was him. Honestly, I was flattered because he recognized me! Un nga lang, I really don't know his name yet.

How I knew his name. The story. Don't worry, it's a short story. Lol

SET-UP posted the 2nd audition passers. I was there! :) Oh by now, I don't know if I have thanked Stephen already for sending me links on youtube, he told me to study the bass tabs and so did I. I used what I know on bass during my first audition and so I was assigned on bass. Thank you, Stephen! :)

Anyway, so I was looking at the list of the drummers who passed. There were only three. I'm familiar with the two of them. Lord Charles who used to be my bandmate though we're not yet official members of the org, and Paul basilio. I just know him by name and face. The other one, it was him. I knew it! And I believe he's the other one who passed. Oh well Kim, good guess. ;)

After the second meeting with the org, our batch became tight and the two of us became closer friends :)

So, you are right. This is a random post. It's because I saw a random post on my tumblr dash

"I still remember the first day I met you."

Got it? :) G'night!

9:14pm 10/14/2011

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