Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a long time

..since I posted something here. If only viewers could read my drafts..

I miss personal blogging, ngayon nalang ulit, hindi dahil ngayon lang ulit na-inspire, kundi....
hehe there's no particular reason why am I doing this, for real.

I'm not okay, knowing that soon I'll be going to Baguio for college. Minutes ago, I asked my dad when will we be going. Very sooooon. But before travelling up to Baguio, we'll have a visit first at Ilocos.

Lately, I was imagining the things I'm going to do there besides studying. I mean, I thought about communication between me and my friends. There's less problem when it comes to family, because I can call my parents every night. I remember how my sister used to live in Baguio too, when she was still studying there. Facebook. Hm I can't tell because there is no internet connection in the dorm. Maybe I could just go to some areas which are wifi-zones like SM Baguio, and log in to social networks. The problem is, I can't stay outside when it's beyond 8 in the evening 'cause the dorm has a curfew applied to residents.

I wish I can survive Baguio and college life. I can do this.

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