Friday, February 4, 2011

Umaaraw, umuulan


Yes! My laptop is still working. I was watching Happy Tree Friends when I crashed into bed. So I thought it was broken. I slept last night early, 9pm I guess. And I wasn't able to wake up after 12. Reasons why I dislike sleeping early: (1) I sleep too much that every morning I'm so lazy to get up (2) I dream too much. I hate it because even how perfect my dreams are, as I wake up, I realize they are not in reality.

Late in the morning, I did not check my laptop anymore because I know I'll be scolded by my mom if she catches me doing things that are not-that-important. I woke up exactly 7:30 am, imagine the first class started already. I did not panic at all. I just thought that morning if I'll still attend to school or not. But since my mom was still here that time (that was shocking, she leaves every morning at 6:30), I have to come to school. And as always, I was late. Hurray. I finished fixing myself at 8, I remember she was telling me hindi daw ba ko nahihiya kasi parati akong late. And because I consider myself a good daughter, I just answered on my mind: "Noon po, pero ngayon hindi na, sanay na ko at sila po." On the second thought, yes. It's humiliating for me to be seen by people who know I was late for class. No goodbyes and not rushing at all (I was late already!) I left the house.

Good news, I found my wallet. Hurray. That morning too, so I left smiling :)
It was really a good news for me. I thought I lost it on New Year's eve when I was... don't mind. But there! I just misplaced it. Money, flash drive, lucky charm, prayer book, 2 sim cards, coins, 3rd year school ID, keys! All are still inside the wallet! Thank God so much, though I was really late for my first class!! (And too early for the second)

OOPS! They're here. My bandmates. I'll continue later.
4:39 pm *saved*

5:08 pm
Currently inside the studio. HELLO! I can't here myself! Hahaha. Bass, here I come! Drums, nagtampo. Hoho.

6:33 pm
I'm home! Still no one's here. Had a great jam with Aldrinn. Define headbang :) Later I'll upload some pictures. It is really a relief after playing with a band and screaming out loud. Let me introduce you our band "Exchange". This will explain the temporary band name:

Angelo Ferros: drums/vocals/rhythm
Joshua Malaki: drums/lead guitar
Aldrinn Villanueva: bass/vocals
Kim Franco: bass/vocals/rhythm
Juris Formaran: vocals
Albert Zamora: bass
Karl Real: rhythm

Friends came too. Vann Subong and Christian Chua who just played Plants vs. Zombies and complained why is there so much noise inside. Like duhh.

Hmm, everyone has a substitute. If you know the song and how to play it on an instrument, go.
Aldrinn is really a hardcore guitarist and bassist. I admire him for that. He told us funny stories and of course I won't forget them ;)) I envy people who are really good in playing bass and drums. How I wish I have the abilities, too. I'm only good in keyboard, which is an instrument too, right? Typing. Hurray.

Today is really great. I had so much fun!
At school, of course I passed by the High School office and got a tardy slip. I'm used to it.

Kim Aubrey Franco, IV-St. Landric
Reason: Woke up late
Remarks: Unexcused

That morning, HS office seemed to be the guidance office because Sir Mark and Sir Sol talked to me and asked me about my brother who graduated from our school. We had a long, serious talk. They told me advices and words of wisdom. Real serious. It was fine with me, I really did not want to attend Economics class 30 minutes late! Anyway, I went up to Math class and was surprised by the quiz. Oh not good. I wasn't prepared. Statistics!

Health class. There was a role play about drugs. Narcotics, to be specific. We had fun. :)
What else happened that is interesting? Hm can't think of anymore.

Okay so currently I'm watching PBA finals. Talk 'n Text vs. San Miguel. Tnt is leading. It's fine, first quarter palang naman. I have to finish this. I'm running out of thoughts. I still can't think of a title. Hmm. "Umaaraw, umuulan" nalang since we played that first in the studio. Pwede na yun! :D Yeah, I really ran out of thoughts.
I'll just watch PBA for now. Go San Miguel! :D

Have a happy weekend for all of us!

7:31 pm

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