Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First blog: I know this is going to be boring. COME ON.

3:57 pm

Great! My first blog, I'm thinking what should be its title. Should I put the article "the" or not. Ugh, one of the first world problems.

This is not the first time that I'll be doing this. Actually, it's the third time. But the first time to post here on my new blog site. I guess my first blog site ever was Friendster. Still familiar with that? 
Okay, that was just an introduction. Hurray.

What I really wanted to share or talk about here is... how this day turned out.
Come on. Today is not so good. I just hope atleast something good will happen TONIGHT. And if there's nothing, well I just have to accept that everything happens for a reason; that this day belongs to one of my lamest days ever. Sigh. 

Ok so I just got home. The gate was locked (expected) as well as the main door (unexpected). Come on, I don't lock the doors when I go out. My sister did. She just left our house and forgot my problem here. My problem was, I don't have the key and what makes the problem worse is that it is hidden! I don't know where it is. I don't have my cell phone to ask my mother or my sister about it, since I don't bring with me my cellphone. 
So this is what I did. For 15-25 minutes, I was looking for the key to our door, and finally, I found it under the... Of course, why would I tell you. Maybe my mom placed it there in case of emergencies when you don't have it or you lost it. Yeah, emergencies, just like this. This day isn't really going well. I'm tired and I am bombarded with so many school requirements. Good thing my sister already left because I told her I will accompany her to the terminal since she's going to buy me Crepes and Creme. Come on! By now I just realized that I should just stay here and start doing my school works. Or not yet, I'll take a nap first. God, I'm so tired and sleepy.


At school. Physics class. Our teacher did not discuss any lesson. We were just listening to her all the time as she scolds us. "Ni isa sa inyo walang nagdala ng lobo." and so on. E sa nakalimot po talaga. Even our class president forgot to bring one. So, we did nothing during the class. I'm so sleepy that time that I bowed my head and took a nap. Say, I was half-asleep. And my day in school was completed. 

Fun fact: Hindi nakukumpleto araw ko ng hindi nakakatulog sa school. I'm sorry teachers :D
There always comes the time when I tend to be so sleepy during classes. It varies. Sometimes during Physics class (like kanina), usually Filipino and English classes, and mostly afternoon classes. What explains this is that maybe I always stay up late just to watch television. I love midnight shows. It sounds really weird, funny, and childish but I do really like watching Famous 5, American Dragon, Kim Possible and sometimes Americal Idol, and MYX, I almost forgot. Besides, midnight is the only time I'm able to chat a guy friend. :) And I'm so not going to talk about him here. But if you are curious, I want you to know that he's just really a friend of mine and we haven't talked to each other personally, and we just became friends on facebook a week ago. Ok? There.

It's really nice to stay up late. Soundtrip all alone, stalk friends on facebook, and related stuff. Come on. By just stating these, I almost forgot how lame this day is.

Going back.. I just remembered, on my way home from school, I was shocked, the fare on jeepneys has increased. Nah, not so cool. 

PE class. Our group just lost so many points. Why? One was absent. Two did not pass yet their test papers. Atleast no points will be deducted if the officials caught your group noisy. I got disappointed as the group leader. 3 points deduction! Oh come on. I had a chance to talk to my grpmates but since I got headache, I just kept it to myself. Someday, I'll tell them how I felt today. Another thing, our teacher told us to pass our notebooks. And at this moment, I can see my notebook on top of my bed. Say, I forgot to bring mine. Hurraaay. So I got a minus-5 on my seatwork. I'm so upset. I collect minuses. Do you think I am grade-conscious? Hehehe.

Already 4:35 pm. Still not feeling okay. Still sadness is over the fun we had during our last class.

Remediation period, my rush hour. My things are a mess! There are unfinished homeworks and a clearbook to be passed on that day too. And as always, Hazel, Dandy and I finished it. Seems like only the three of us form the group! I thank our other cooperative groupmates in PE, so much! And you know this is sarcasm. 

I don't know why. I'm used to these kinds of pressure. Dito palang sa bahay. My parents put so much pressure on me. Especially when it comes to academics. But I think that was helpful. Err, still I don't know. Today has come that I almost wanted to give up! Homeworks? Say, they are easy but there are so many. I still can't find my Music notebook and worse, I have to buy a new pen, it's not working :(

What made this day worse? Shall I say "who"? My classmate. Filipino subject matter. I already did the research and editing. I just asked him to print the file but he said he can't. He just volunteered on bringing the yellow folder. It's less important! I mean the folder 'cause it's useless if there are no documents inside. Our printer is broken and I hate it. The reason I passed my homework in TLE late. The reason why I still don't have the complete hard copy of my thesis. I still have temperance and control of myself. Because if I don't have, maybe L.A. was dead already. He's the only one who's with me now, and I could just take the knife and kill him. And of course I won't ever do that, he's the only source of happiness I have right now. :) 
I hope I can go near FEU Dahlia now and there I'll express my feelings. Drop a bomb on Daphne's house and I'll be satisfied. M-I-L-K. Mom I'd like to kill. So evil. Can't do that, maybe she's not home yet. Useless.

Okay? So someone messaged me. Not a good timing it is because I have no load at all! If only I was a TM user and not globe.. I'm saving money because Valentine's day is nearly approaching. That day is special. It's my mom's birthday! Maybe you're thinking I'll be having a date on that day. That's a no.

And since I'm saving money, I walked from Vicas down to our house. Besides, I wanted to get some fresh air. But I was wrong. There's air pollution. Haha joking. I really wanted to take time to think over things. Too emotional? But had a great walk, though my feet were hurt.

I was thinking, tomorrow will be awesome because it will be Friday and that means I will have a jam with my bandmates. Nice! It's really fun to play instruments with the funniest people I have ever known so far. I'm going to learn bass! Albert is going to teach me although Joshua told me I know how to play already. Just basics, Joshua. We'll be meeting tomorrow my ex classmate, Aldrinn. I miss him already. He's the band guitarist. Oh I just realized we are all boys in the band =)) Exciting!

I think I said too much in the blog. Who else is going to read this novel?
Hmm what else to say? I'm just so excited that I will play a real guitar after a long time. My brother accidentally cut 2 strings of my guitar last December and up until now I haven't take care of it. So no strumming within a month.

Alright, this is enough. I have things to do. Wish me luck tonight!
Sad to think that the person who used to be your close friend and a "diary", sometimes gives you nonsense advices. Hehe buti pa ung isa jan, kakakilala ko lang... Haaay buhay, parang life. :)
Phbt. Gonna stay up late later! As always. 

5:17 pm

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