Friday, March 4, 2011

Caught in the act you naughty little!

I have 102 profile views here in blogspot, yet got only 5 followers.
Thank you. So what for the readers, Kim? Okay.

Haha a hundred and two profile views, I must be conscious and careful in what I'm typing. No more foul words. :)

Today's evaluation: (wait time check, 6:21 pm, exactly.)
Okay, today's evaluation. How was my day, and my afternoon.

My day has been so dramatic since today is the last regular day in school. Started it good, there was a mass celebration, last first Friday mass in Benedict. I told myself I'll get serious and give my full attention to the ceremony but can't help it. I have this cough, *coughs* and I saw grade school pupils from my seat, copying each other's answer in the test. Real funny. In a very young age, they know already how to cheat. Wise kids, I say. Besides those, another temptation, my friends are seated beside me. Hehe, couldn't focus on the mass. I saw students as well as teachers, crying.. my excitement turned into sadness for a minute. I'm so excited for graduation! But sure do, I will miss people... :(

I will miss my friends in highschool, above all.
I will miss my teachers especially Ma'am Lenie. I haven't hugged her. I just saw her message, *Salamat sa panggagaya* I know  it was for me. Touched.
I will miss prayers before and after classes, the angelus.
I will miss having lunch during recess time.
I will miss sleeping during discussion.
I will miss reading Bob Ong books also during discussion.
I will miss inspections, in college of course, there are no such things like these.

I will miss everything.

Enough from being dramatic, real Filipino.

PHYSICS. Physics exam, I hope seniors will stop on asking each other, "how was the exam?" I'm irritated. I'm so not going to pass that part 1. I don't want to talk about this matter too much because I just don't want to.

Louis-Ma'am Eva-Kim conversation. Haha cool, after answering the exam, Ma'am Eva started a conversation. She's (don't know how to term it) mocking(?) Louis.

Let me share with you our "chat" haha!
L: Ma'am, ang ganda nyo po.
M-E: Kaya di kita makakalimutan eh, kasi ang honest honest mo. Maganda ba si Kim?
L: Opo Ma'am, pero mas maganda kayo.
M-E: Kawawa ka naman, nakailan ka na? Ilan na bumasted sayo?
K *smiles*
L: Aw grabe Ma'am..
M-E: Ikaw ang pinakamaarte sa mga estudyante ko. Kung ako gerlpren mo, maiinis ako.
M-E: Hannah? Kim? Kim? Kim, tumingin ka nga sakin, bat mo siya binasted?
L: Ma'am, di po ako nanligaw.
K: Basta po, hindi lang siya ang aking ideal, at tamad po siya. HAHAHAHA
M-E: Ay oo nga, walang mapapala jan. Gwapo nga pero wala kang mapapala. Walang mapapala. Haha. Dapat mag-audition ka sa Imortal, taong lobo. Wag ka na mag-aral, gwapo ka naman e.

L: Ma'am, after 5 years po, manuod po kayo sa TV5, PBA, naglalaro ako.
M-E: Asus, sayang lang panahon mo dun. Tsaka pano ka makakapaglaro kung hindi ka nga mag-aaral sa college? At kelan nga pala kasal mo?
L: BUKAS po.
M-E: O sige, flower girl ako.

CUT. Louis, mabait ka naman e, mayaman hindi kuripot, galante. May effort, may abs, gwapo (sabi ni Ma'am).. sadyang tamad ka lang talaga. PEACE :)

Counter strike. Friends and I went to play at a computer shop. DotA and counter strike. I missed these.
Can't remember the last time I played counter strike. By the way, add me up on garena, somuchlovekosi. Ty!

Home. My sister's here. Even my kuya, La, and girlfriend. Tss of course my brother's girlfriend! not LA's. Like duhh. I caught naughty little couple inside in the act. Tsk tsk. They thought the door was locked. Oh sorry brother, I didn't mean to disturb you guys and enter the room. I'm really sorry! :-))

UP. March 2, I guess. Has nothing to do to what happened today. Just wanna share. I confirmed that I will enroll in UP, online. It's a matter of choice and decision. To click OK or Reconsider. I'd like to "reconsider", meaning to change course in Baguio, but mom said OK. Darn it. If only I clicked "reconsider", I'll be taking up BS Bio. But no.. :(( Felt disappointment and anger. Hope I'll enjoy BA Communication. But I'll promise to myself, I will stay and study in Baguio for only 2sems, one year. I'll make sure of that. I will focus. Not on boys, but on studies. Swear to God, and to the readers, AMEN! Alleluiah!

I have to go. Bye

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