Friday, February 11, 2011

My Hug List on or before Graduation Day

The following people are those who deserve a big big hug like this (>:DDDDD<):
People I'll be missing when I get into college..

I may not type names alphabetically so have a hard time looking for yours.
Enjoy or be bored.

-Above all, my family
-Sir Kiko
-Ma'am Laida
-Ma'am Mallen
-Sir Efren
-Ma'am Ivy, most especially
-Ma'am Joy
-Sir Albert
-Sir Mark
-Sir Sol
-Sir Fabella, yeah
-Ma'am Lenie, of course
-Ma'am Mary Hope
-Sir Dranreb
-Ma'am Maressa
-Ma'am Anne, I'll never forget her
-Sir Emil, I hope so
-Ma'am Liza
-Sir Weng
-Ma'am Eva, my adviser, ooh, I almost forgot


-Zedriz :D
-Michael Domingo
-Michael Clamor
-Camille Ramos
-Charlene :)
-King Jamel
-Carl Dizon, of course

.... Keep on looking

-Camille Peteros
-John Dale
-Christopher Bagui
-Ate Camille
-Nina (Ninya)
-Auie :-)
-Kim ruivivar
-Ate Charmaine
-other alumni
-other undergrads

Oooooh, I hope I did not miss anyone. What about the others? Shake-hands then tap on shoulder, pwede na :)

Let's have a countdown for Graduation Day.. Today's (tonight's) February 11.
We still have 28 more days to be exact or just a month before we can march and get our diplomas.

Let's do the most unforgettable moments together. Spend time with friends. Take pictures on every occasion from now on. Good bye St. Benedict, sad to say, hello college!

Ora et labora, forever.

To be continued.. "My Kiss List" 

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