Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thirteen is not bad luck at all

Good thing I did not expect anything today, because what happens is the unexpected thing. :)

Unexpected #1:
I wasn't late.

Unexpected #2:
Draw lots for recitation, I was called and I did not expect that I got the right answer. Really.

Unexpected #3:
I was given 6 hearts from 6 classmates, in our counseling class. Let me share you their sweet messages :)
I received 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 white hearts. Really unexpected.

From a good and trustworthy friend/classmate/girlfriend/seatmate/mortal enemy:
          "Mortal, mag-ingat ka palagi. Yung wallet mo idikit mo lang sa katawan mo! Huwag mo ilalagay kung saan-saan! ILY. Mamiss kita!"

-okay Hazel. Di na ko magwawallet :) Ingat ka rin. I love you.

From a cute friend, Camille:
          "KIM! Goodluck sa love life! Hahaha! =) iLy."

-yes Cam. I'll be waiting for him, nuks! Sayo din. Love you too.

From a metal and hardcore friend/bandmate:
          "Aubrey, Happy Valentines Day!"

-Yea sure, Jo. This one's really unexpected. Lol. You could have told me that in person. After all, I'm just sitting behind you in classroom. Happy Valentines Day too. Keep on rocking!

From a brutal friend:
          "Hello! Happy Valentines!

-Carl, happy valentines too :)

From the most beautiful person/friend of mine:
          "White means purity and cleanliness and that's what you are! I <3 you!"

-PATTY :) This one means so much to me. Thanks! I love you too!

Lastly, from a former classmate/ex classmate/present classmate/a classmate for 3years:
          "Dear Kim Franco! I always treasure you. Naging crush kita dati, sori kung naging torpe ako dati... Salamat sa lahat.. Mamiss kta. LOVE YOU! PS. Study hard, Party harder. Wag mo ako kalimutan sa debut mo"

-oo naman, Mr. Anonymous. Torpe? Ok lang. Masaya ka naman na sa iyong lovelife ngayon! Debut? 21 pa ko magdedebut. Hahaha!

There's another letter given, I guess it was from Hannah. A beautiful and loyal friend. I forgot where did I put it. I'm sorry, but thanks anyway! I love you. It was unexpected since we are only to write a classmate. She wasn't from my section. Cool, that's it.

Unexpected #4:
I listened in Physics discussion and atleast participated in some board works :)

Unexpected #5:
I advance read one chapter in El Fili so during the reporting, I wasn't listening (that's usual), rather copied notes in Physics. Hehe. Finally, I have them already.

Unexpected #6:
I prayed seriously during Angelus.

Unexpected #7:
I still copied notes in Physics lately during lunch time.

Unexpected #8:
We prayed before the game of Volleyball. We won. I was warned for uttering foul words. Well, that wasn't really a bad word. It was just an expression. Again? "SHIT!"

Unexpected #9:
We were asked to accomplish the activity C in English. The one I did not pass because I was lazy and was not interested in drawing. I would rather choose listening evaluations... and daydreaming. :)

Unexpected #10:
Play dodge ball and accidentally throw the ball on Dandy's face. SO sorry, my bad.
Eat Diablo without drinking.

Expected #1:
Philippines won over Mongolia in soccer. Yeah! It really happened!

Unexpected #11:
I came home late.

Unexpected #12:
My day was very good.

Unexpected #13:
I would say this.. "Number 13 is not bad luck at all"

I'm not expecting for a good night sleep.. :)

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